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iTMS Frequently Asked Questions

What Web Browser program does iTMS prefer?

iTMS operates on GOOGLE CHROME.

Can I operate iTMS on my Apple iPad/iPhone?

Yes you can only when using the keyboard function and no wireless devise. We highly recommend using an Android Tablet/Phone with CHROME when using the iTMS application. The Apple iPad / iPhone we have found the systems to be slow and non-responsive.


Can I upgrade to a higher package as my business has grown?

Yes you can upgrade anytime by logging into your user profile and select subscriptions .
There you can add which subscription you wish to upgrade to. Your existing data will be retained.

Can my existing fleet program be integrated with iTMS?

Yes contact us and our IT developers will review the ability to integrate into your current system.

Does iTMS sell tyres?

No iTMS does not sell tyres. We support Transport and Tyre Companies that use and sell tyres.


I no longer require iTMS how do I cease subscription payments?

As per the terms and conditions you need to advise iTMS via email that you no longer wish to use our product. We can terminate this agreement immediately.

What Language it iTMS

iTMS Software has twenty one Languages , Select your Language when siging up in the registration page.

Measuring Devices

I have a standard tread depth gauge how can I import the measurements?

You will require an Android Tablet/Phone with CHROME capabilities using the keyboard on the tablet/phone you can directly import the measurements and pressures into iTMS.

TL G1 Probe

I am already using a TL-G1 Tread Depth & Tyre Pressure Probe can I use it within iTMS?

Yes you can. BluePiano will be required from Google Play App Store.

BluePiano extends Android with Bluetooth data acquisition. This new input method provides a Bluetooth-enabled soft-keyboard. Please ensure that you default your keyboard in settings to Blue Piano when operating the probe.

We have found this is the quickest and best app for iTMS software for the TL-G1 Tread Depth & Tyre Pressure Probe.

I want to purchase a TL-G1 Tread Depth & Tyre Pressure Probe can I purchase in different metrics?

Yes you can . iTMS has the functionality to support Mile/Kilometres and Inches / Millimetres in our application settings. iTMS can also supply this devise as a complete package with tablet . Contact us for more information.

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The iTMS Packages:

  • No.1 Transport Fleets Owner\Operator

    AUD $1,950.00 monthly

    Your Company's Logo

    Your Company

    Up to Three Depots

    Twelve login Users

    Up to 250 vehicles (2,500 Tyres)

    Up to 4 axles per vehicle/equipment

    Free Phone support

    No lock in Contract

    Your Company operating up to Three Depots

  • Purchase Here

  • No.2 Tyre Companies & Corporations


    Your Company's Logo

    Eight fleet Customers

    Sixteen Transport Depots

    Fifty Login Users

    1500 vehicles (24,000+ Tyres)

    Unlimited axles per vehicles/equipment

    Free Phone support

    No lock in Contract

    Great start up for Tyre Companies to service Clients

  • Enquire Here

  • No.3 Unlimited Software Package with all additionals


    Your Company's LOGO

    No Software Restrictions

    Free Training Australia

    Free Phone Support

    Global Connectivity

    Tyre Pressure and temperature Readings

    Drive Over Tyre Scanner

    Vehicles Roadworthiness and Safety @ its best

  • Enquire Here

  • TPMS - Drive pass depot gate towers

    TPMS Depot Station

    # Email Alerts

    # Tyre and Vehicle ID

    # Temp / Pressure Graphs

    # Temp / Pressure Reports

    One 4G Sim Card for thousands of tyres

    Cost affective TPMS for

    Refuelling sites , Sea ports , mining sites , transport fleets , Forklifts , Loaders

    Add to package - 1. or 2.

  • Enquire Here

  • Drive Over Tyre Tread Reader - Tyre Scanner

    Road Trains , B - Doubles , Buses , coaches

    # Zero Human contact under the carriage of Trucks, Trailer or around mud guards and air bag suspension !!

    # Laser Tread Depth Readings

    # 15 Ton Rating Per Axle

    # Tyre Replacement Scheduling Live

    Add to package - 1. or 2.

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