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Recent Visit To South Africa 15/11/2018

Johannesburg South Africa setting up for 3- days of demonstrations and training at the Palazzo Hotel Business Centre

We recognise that “out of the box” solutions might not suit your business.

Instead of trying to make your business fit a generic software program; we can modify the software to fit your business
Recent Visit to South Africa

Welcome To The New Financial Year 18/08/2017

We would like to start off by thanking all our clients for being part of another great year of continuous growth for iTMS.

We travelled, we listened, we delivered!
Your iTMS Free Upgrades

• New Tyre Fleet Report
• Hyperlinks are now active in reporting (browser mode)
• Direct email functionality when saving reports to PDF
• Archiving Reporting
• Depot Reporting
• Company Reporting

Manual Inspections
• New function - the ability to manually schedule vehicles and tyres by selecting the calendar provided whilst using the manual inspections mode - this new feature will automatically add the vehicle and tyre position to the Tyre Schedule (showing pink on the schedule)
• Whilst saving your inspection a new feature will only allow the operator to save the inspection once to prevent duplication.

Tyre Change Schedule
• New Feature - Click on each vehicle to display the following:
o Residual value per tyre
o Cost per kilometre per tyre
o Tread depth when inspected
o Pressures when inspected
o Hyperlinks to the actual inspection for review

Our vision for 2017-2018 and beyond is to further develop with our clients to establish stability and growth to maximize success for all parties.

New ITMS Feature HOURS 21/06/2023

When subscribing to ITMS you can now select HOURS for earthmoving equipment . The same program but now calculating cents per hours
New ITMS Feature HOURS

Tyre Safety Standards 14/11/2018

Tyre Safety Standards !!!
When purchasing vehicles and equipment you would expect to know from the manufacturer or dealer, all the associated cost Fuel , Warranty , Maintenance , Road Side Assist , and more ...
iTMS Tyre Safety Standards :
Percentage of Tread Worn
Tyre End of Life Days
Tyre End of Life Kilometers
Tyre Replacement Scheduling
Vehicle Scheduling
Tyre Tracking
Only a few clicks on PC , Tablet , Phone , 24/7
Tyre Safety Standards

More Than Just Rubber ! 15/11/2018

Tyre wear will revile vehicle safety issues :
Braking issues
Worn wheel bearings
Loose wheel nuts
Worn steering - King pins , Tie rod ends , Steering arms , Ball joints
Worn and broken shockers
Worn suspension bushes ,Rear track rods
Over or under inflated tyres
Kerb or gutter-scrubbing
Cracked springs and loose u bolts
Suspension air bags leaking

This picture highlights tyre wear from worn suspension bushes - Duel axle rear inner
More Than Just Rubber !

Certificate 19/11/2018

Framed certificate signed by the director
Three day course at iTMS Adelaide Australia

Wheel Bearings 05/02/2019

Worn Wheel Bearings will Destroy Tyre's
Wheel Bearings

NOT SURE 19/03/2019


Client Feedback 27/09/2019

Thanks for the feedback on your experience with iTMS. We sincerely appreciate your insight because it helps us build a better customer experience.

If you have any more questions, comments, or concerns or compliments, please feel welcome to reach back out as we would be more than happy to assist.
Client Feedback

NHVR 04/03/2020

Defective brakes, steering, suspension and tyres can severely affect the stability, braking and steering performance of a vehicle and can result in the driver losing control of the vehicle . Loss of control of a heavy vehicle can have significant impacts on public safety through serious injuries and fatalities to drivers or passengers, other road users and the general public .

Tyre Pressure And Temperature Towers 11/02/2022

One sim card to read Pressures and Temperatures on all vehicles and trailers.
Data from sensors is collected by the two towers when a vehicle passes through .
The master tower sends data to the iTMS server which analyse and filters the information .
Email alerts are sent if pressures or temperatures are outside the parameters set by operator.
The latest tyre pressure and temperature checks can be view within the iTMS software platform .
Anytime, Anywhere with full reporting .

The most cost affective way for monitoring large fleets.
1. Two towers - Sender and Receiver
2. One sim card - 4G data card
3. Valve sensors - Each Wheel

Vale sensors :
Two way, short - Steer and Outer wheels
Two way, long extensions - inner duel wheels

Exclusive to iTMS Network Dealers

Tyre Pressure and Temperature Towers

There are currently many users of iTMS

View iTMS Demo Here

The iTMS Packages:

  • No.1 Transport Fleets Owner\Operator

    AUD $1,950.00 monthly

    Your Company's Logo

    Your Company

    Up to Three Depots

    Twelve login Users

    Up to 250 vehicles (2,500 Tyres)

    Up to 4 axles per vehicle/equipment

    Free Phone support

    No lock in Contract

    Your Company operating up to Three Depots

  • Purchase Here

  • No.2 Tyre Companies & Corporations


    Your Company's Logo

    Eight fleet Customers

    Sixteen Transport Depots

    Fifty Login Users

    1500 vehicles (24,000+ Tyres)

    Unlimited axles per vehicles/equipment

    Free Phone support

    No lock in Contract

    Great start up for Tyre Companies to service Clients

  • Enquire Here

  • No.3 Unlimited Software Package with all additionals


    Your Company's LOGO

    No Software Restrictions

    Free Training Australia

    Free Phone Support

    Global Connectivity

    Tyre Pressure and temperature Readings

    Drive Over Tyre Scanner

    Vehicles Roadworthiness and Safety @ its best

  • Enquire Here

  • TPMS - Drive pass depot gate towers

    TPMS Depot Station

    # Email Alerts

    # Tyre and Vehicle ID

    # Temp / Pressure Graphs

    # Temp / Pressure Reports

    One 4G Sim Card for thousands of tyres

    Cost affective TPMS for

    Refuelling sites , Sea ports , mining sites , transport fleets , Forklifts , Loaders

    Add to package - 1. or 2.

  • Enquire Here

  • Drive Over Tyre Tread Reader - Tyre Scanner

    Road Trains , B - Doubles , Buses , coaches

    # Zero Human contact under the carriage of Trucks, Trailer or around mud guards and air bag suspension !!

    # Laser Tread Depth Readings

    # 15 Ton Rating Per Axle

    # Tyre Replacement Scheduling Live

    Add to package - 1. or 2.

  • Enquire Here



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